The PlayStation Home project gets more interesting with every passing day.

For those of you who don't know, Grouper is a program that allows members to create, share, and watch video on the Internet, desktop and connect devices. A major innovator in the user-generated video space, you can visit and browse videos, as well as post your own. Best of all, you can post your creation to a huge variety of third-party sites, including MySpace, Blogger, Facebook, and Friendster. It's a sweet little service.

And as it turns out, it appeals to Sony. Fansite KILLZONE Unit talked to Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Sony, David Karraker, about the possibility of Grouper being included in Home. Karraker said the integration of Grouper could happen as soon as the launch of Home.

"We haven’t announced any changes to the PlayStation Network or PlayStation Store beyond what we have delivered in the latest Firmware 1.6 update," said Karraker. "Grouper integration will most likely first be seen with the launch of Home."

Will we be able to post videos to the Internet directly from our PS3s? It looks like it might be possible… There are plenty of opportunities here, so we can't wait to see how things progress.

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