Some will say the game itself is a much bigger deal than the developer. Well, remember when we found out The Last Of Us was being created by Naughty Dog…?

See, the studio really can have a significant impact. Game Informer is teasing everyone again with another big announcement; previously, they teased the new "South Park" RPG and now, Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara is hinting at something very surprising on his Twitter page .

He was asked if gamers could guess the title in question and McNamara replied that we probably could, but it was doubtful that we'd "get the real nuts, which is the developer." The one sentence that's getting everyone all riled up is- "I can pretty much promise not many will see this one coming." Essentially, we're looking at a game most expected to be announced, but a developer that nobody thought would be making it, right?

Okay, so what'll it be? We already heard about Kojima's open-ended game , so that's not a secret any longer. Maybe Guerrilla is making God of War IV , or something silly like that. Any ideas?