Well, popularity always comes with a price. The UK managed to avoid most of the ugly crime Japan and the U.S. suffered through during the PS3 launch, primarily because there was no shortage of hardware units. But that didn't stop thieves from targeting software at one retailer.

According to The Argus , £1,700 worth of Playstation 3 games were stolen from Currys on Old Shoreham Rode, Hove. Of course, they normally keep the games out of reach of the public, but they accidentally left an open shipment box on the floor. Police, not surprisingly, expect the thieves to sell the stolen property. They've also issued a warning to other retailers to keep an eye out for anyone trying to return games without a receipt.

The total number of games wasn't released, but several titles stolen were: four copies each of Sonic the Hedgehog and World Snooker Challenge 2007 , three copies of Splinter Cell: Double Agent , and two copies of Ridge Racer 7 . Authorities are hoping someone out there has some information on the crime. On the good side, at least this story doesn't involve injury, as so many stories from last year's PS3 launch unfortunately did.

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