We're having fun with the Starhawk beta – expect our impressions very soon – and after handing out 50 codes that grant access to the private beta, some of our readers are having a blast, too.

But if you weren't lucky enough to nab a code, have no fear: the public beta isn't far off. As announced at the PlayStation Blog , the closed beta will end on Tuesday, January 3, which means the open beta won't be far behind. At least, that's what we're assuming.

So those of you who picked up Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will finally get a chance to use that code. Over the next few weeks, Lightbox will give us the start dates for that public beta, and the team can gather in even more feedback, suggestions, and critique. Lest we forget, that's the entire purpose of a beta test. Of course you're going to stumble across problems. That's kinda the point; developers can fix 'em and give us a cleaner product.

At any rate, we're definitely looking forward to this one. Here's hoping that single-player campaign turns out well!

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Gregory Freeman
Gregory Freeman
10 years ago

Do the private beta testers transfer over to the public beta? that's how sony did it with Resistance 2, Home, mag, etc… I really hope we private testers get to stay in the picture.. it wouldn't make sense for us to be excluded from the next phase of beta testing…

10 years ago

oh that code sony emailed me with is a private beta?

Dang I havn't had a chance to try it yet…

10 years ago

those who live in the states and have picked up uncharted 3 can redeem their codes.
apparently its illegal to give out these codes in the games outside the states.
even though M$ and ninty have no problems…………….

anyway, i hope the private testers will get carried over i have not had much chance to play it ive been too busy with skyward sword which i FINALLY finished last night!
wow, what a game!
and now that i was lucky enough to get a vita for my bday ill never get to it!
i almost had a heart attack today a friend of mine finished work early so he rang me and asked if he could come over because he has not seen me for my bday yet.
i said sure, and he gave me a brown postage box, open it he said.
im sitting there thinking what the hell could it be?
quickly unwrapped it, and it was upside down when i saw the blue box with japanese writing on the back my heart stopped and my jaw dropped.
ive been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this thing but did not import one because it was going to send me broke!
900 bucks in fact if i was to buy it from play asia!
over 1000 if you get it off ebay.
i cant believe he imported a vita for me!
i told him a few weeks ago i wanted to import one but it was too expensive so i cancelled my order.
so he ended up importing one for me!
god, now i have to think of a awesome gift to get him for his bday in march.
gotta wait till tomorrow because the HK store is up then, first thing tomorrow morning im booting the baby up and downloading golden abyss!
so excited, ive been waiting for this since January!
oh well, im off to slash some enemies in half in shinbido 2.