Get ready to strain your eyes.

You probably recall that huge mess between Infinity Ward and Activision, with IW bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella right in the midst of the ordeal. You should also remember that West and Zampella formed a new studio, Respawn Entertainment, with their new multiplatform IP set to be published by Activision competitor, Electronic Arts.

Well, we've been waiting on news of that game ever since we heard about the new studio. Thus far, no concrete details have been located, but Respawn was good enough to provide us with a very blurry image that apparently represents their new project. Easy, right? We don't need any other hints. We got it. We can tell everything from that; genre, theme, style, gameplay, characters, story, etc… Don't worry, you don't need to tell us anymore. That's plenty .

…bitter sarcasm aside, what do you think you see in this picture? Many are saying it looks like an FPS, which wouldn't surprise anyone, given the team's background (West and Zampella weren't the only ones to abandon Infinity Ward for Respawn). Maybe we'll get more hints soon.