Kingdom Hearts has become one of the most popular franchises in the industry, and fans have been awaiting news on another installment. But the game's creators are moving in another direction – for better or for worse – as their latest endeavor isn't known as Kingdom Hearts III . No, we're talking about a whole new series here.

According to IGN, game creator Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Japan's Gemaga and Dengeki PlayStation publications, where he dropped several hints about their latest Kingdom Hearts title. When asked if characters who appear in the secret movie in Final Mix would appear in the new game, Nomura said, "They are people who have some relation to the new series. However the next title won't just be Kingdom Hearts III. If it were III, we wouldn't call it a new series."

Nomura re-clarified that later on in the interview, and he also said that, as it's a "series," there will be more than one title. And lastly, as he had previously done, he said we could expect the official announcement some time later this year. But until then, he suggests fans unlock that movie in Final Mix (available in Japan) and "start imagining."

Well then. Any guesses, gamers?

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