It's good to have a silver lining.

Square Enix revealed last week that they had discovered a breach in their Members service, and they were looking into whether or not personal information was at risk.

As it turns out, the publisher has confirmed that any personal data wasn't compromised during the intrusion. The official statement said:

"As a result of our continuing investigation, we have now confirmed that the database in which we store personal information was NOT accessed during the recent server intrusion. Therefore, your personal information was NOT compromised by an unknown third party."

Square Enix had said that the hacker(s) didn't gain access to login information, and the incident had been reported to the Japanese government. As for the Members service, the company plans to reopen it by the end of the year, which isn't far off, of course. These days, it feels like just about anything you put into a computer is at risk, but it's nice to know that in this particular case, gamers can feel relatively safe.