If you're looking for some hectic fast-paced action in 2012, you should probably put DMC at or near the top of your list.

Ninja Theory is still working on this highly anticipated reboot, and they continue to provide gamers (some of whom remain skeptical) with plenty of gameplay footage.

Here's the latest from Capcom Unity Videos; it shows Dante ripping into a few baddies with plenty of deadly style. It's the style we recognize from the vaunted Devil May Cry franchise, even if Dante lacks the silver hair. Juggling an enemy with a combination of a sword swipe and twin pistols has returned, and you can obviously stay in the air for a while .

Nothin' wrong with that. One last thing to consider: the DMC games were quite challenging (with the exception of the often ignored DMC2). But Ninja Theory doesn't have a history of making hand-cramping action games; don't confuse them with Team Ninja ( Ninja Gaiden ). Ninja Theory produced Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ; both games had challenging parts, but neither was particularly tough.

Well, the final boss fight in Heavenly Sword was hard…

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