Bandai Namco has revealed three new PS3 titles in the works from the Project Ace team, and they're a diverse trio of appealing games. Of course, we don't know if they'll make it outside Japan, but we can always hope.

The first on the list is Brave Arms , which is supposed to boast fact-action style gameplay combined with the cramped and intimidating environments found in something like Splinter Cell . A futuristic atmosphere awaits the gamer – it's set in the year 2025 – and you'll attempt to put down an oppressive regime, all with the help of your trusty Bionics Armed Suit. The Suit, as you can well imagine, grants you plenty of inhuman abilities that will give you the edge in your quest.

The second game is entitled Chain Limit , which is like Stuntman fused with an adventure game. You'll get buddied-up with a spy girl, and the two of you will have to get yourself out of life-threatening situations. For example, maybe you'll have to escape a sinking car (while all tied up), or maybe you just gotta avoid that bomb explosion. It's definitely an intriguing concept, yes?

The last is known as Second Season 01 , which is described as "a first-person detective game," and that apparently means we'll have both FPS action and other third-person action. Not much else is known about this one, but we'll keep you apprised of any new developments concerning Second Season 01 . The three new projects have yet to secure release dates.

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