Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water…

Various sources are reporting that Square Enix has temporarily shut down their North American and Japanese Members sites due to a possible digital intrusion.

According to a note from the publisher , they "have reason to believe that unknown parties may have gained unauthorized access to a particular Square Enix server related to the free Square Enix Members service." Yes, shades of the infamous PlayStation Network attack, the Deus Ex invasion, BioWare's issues, etc. Square Enix added:

"We are assessing the full extent of this potential breach to determine what data, if any, was compromised and will provide more details as soon as possible. While some personal information may have been accessed, we can confirm that there is no possibility of any credit card information leak from this incident, since the server in question stores no credit card information."

Square Enix Members is for fans who can register to earn rewards, and it's a pretty nifty program. …but it's no fun when your personal information is at risk. We'll let you know if Square Enix issues a follow-up report concerning the possibility of the hackers stealing personal info.