Harmonix won't be focusing on the lone solo effort of a musically-inclined gamer for their next title; it's gonna be all about multiplayer and…multi-instruments. According to USA Today , Harmonix will release Rock Band for the PS3 and Xbox 360 just in time for the holidays this year, and believe it or not, the game will simultaneously support four peripherals. Yes, four: two guitars (one lead, one bass), a drum kit, and a microphone.

The game will allow you to play with a friend or online, and that presents an interesting scenario for Rock Band , as EA's David DeMartini pointed out.

"You could have one guitarist in Germany and another one in Texas, a drummer in New York and a singer from somewhere else, and they can play together online," he said.

EA may have found another game to slap its label on, but Harmonix's owner, MTV, represents the financial support. Therefore, this means we can expect to see licenses from original artists, and those artists should range from "metal to classic to rock to Southern rock to everything in between," according to Harmonix co-founder, Alex Rigopulos.

We had all wondered what Harmonix was gonna do after getting away from the Guitar Hero games. Well, now we know.

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