Well, all it took was a small trailer to incite another wave of GTA concern. GamePolitics has noticed a New York Daily News article , where politicians are all kinds of annoyed at Liberty City's clear resemblance to New York City. Mayor Bloomberg's office went so far as to provide statistics: thefts have dropped 58% since he took office and the murder rate is down 28%, both of which are good news for the city. What we don't quite understand is the purpose of listing such statistics…we assume they're thinking that once GTA IV comes out, those numbers won't be so good anymore.

We seriously doubt the game will have a significant impact on the number of thefts and murders in New York, especially when Liberty City is not New York. But Bloomberg is hardly the first city official to be ticked off at how similar a game environment appears to their beloved town. Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas didn't go over well with the city of Las Vegas, and Mexican officials have already confiscated copies of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 . But we have yet to see evidence of an increase in crime of a certain city depicted in a violent video game…see, "The Departed" didn't make crime go crazy in Boston.

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