Test Drive Unlimited 2 was plenty entertaining despite its flaws; you just gotta love the concept, at any rate.

And if you've been having fun with Eden's paradise-based racer, you'll be happy to know that a new batch of downloadable content is heading your way.

According to a message in the game's official forums , the second batch of downloadable content will hit in February. Motorcycles are the key attraction this time around, as three bikes will be included; two Ducatis and a Harley, to be exact. They're also tossing in six new cars, several new missions, and even new locations. Time for more exploring!

In our eyes, this is the kind of DLC that's worth the cost of admission, because it adds to both the gameplay and the overall experience. And because TDU2 is all about immersing oneself in the rich carefree lifestyle, this upcoming DLC will also boast some new threads and furniture, and even some new wheel accessories. It's not enough to be good in this game; you gotta look good, too.

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