Yeah, you're looking at the list and you're not surprised.
Everything's in order, nothing's changed. The Nintendo DS and the
Wii saw a boost in allocation to stores, and thus saw increased
sales. The DS sold over 130k units, and the Wii picked up 75.5k
consoles. The PSP continues to perform moderately well, but the
PS3 is still in its 20k slump. Looking at the PS3's release list,
it's a little worrying to see that there won't be games coming
out for the console in Japan for quite a while. While the US and
Europe are enjoying a new wave of PS3 releases, Japan isn't as
fortunate. Hopefully we see the situation change sometime soon.

1. Nintendo DS – 130,684
2. Nintendo Wii – 75,571
3. Sony PSP – 41,546
4. Sony PS3 – 20,459
5. Sony PS2 – 16,961
6. Xbox 360 – 3,492

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