Two interesting pieces of news from Japan today, and both relate to Final Fantasy XIII-2 .

As reported by Andriasang , Dengeki PlayStation has awarded the hotly anticipated sequel a perfect score: an S rating, which tops A, B, etc.

That's newsworthy enough, but there's another piece of info that will disappoint fans of the character Sazh. Although he was a playable character in FFXIII and definitely part of the main quest, it appears he will not be involved in the sequel. The translation is- " Final Fantasy XIII-2 will continue after release, so look forward to later." Hence, maybe Sazh will come back in the form of downloadable content.

Personally, I never used Sazh just because I never use characters with guns in my RPGs (unless I'm forced). It's just because I'm a sword 'n staff purist when it comes to fantasy RPGs and in my eyes, guns have no place in such an environment. It's why I experimented with every character in FFVII besides Barrett. Well, besides Barrett and Cait Sith…the other thing I can't abide is luck-based characters. Blech.

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