The updates for the PlayStation Store just keep coming, and in fact, they're basically coming on a weekly basis now. If you log in to the Store this morning, you'll find some new additions which were added later on yesterday, so take a look-see.

Available now is a playable demo of MLB 2K7 , new trailers for Warhawk and Rub-a-Dub , and several new Paramount movie trailers. We have yet to make the baseball comparison between the less-than-impressive Major League Baseball 2K7 and the upcoming MLB 07: The Show for the PS3, but playable demos are always nice additions.

If they can continue to deliver such updates like playable demos and up-to-date game trailers, the Store should continue to gather steam. As of now, it's a pretty darn good resource for gaming and movie fans, so let's hope Sony continues down this path of updating frequency.

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