When the first images of the Devil May Cry reboot hit the 'Net, hardcore fans were a little miffed. Just a tad.

But over time, we've come to accept that initial screenshots of the heroin-addict Dante weren't indicative of his look throughout the game, and above all else, gameplay quality is essential.

Ninja Theory is a talented developer and they've cut their teeth on similar action quests before. Some will say Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West didn't offer the combat depth of any past DMC entry (and they'd be right), but check out this new gameplay trailer. You can't say you're not at least a little impressed… Or if not impressed, hopeful…?

Having played and completed every entry (except DMC2), I'd have to say this looks a lot like the combat I remember. There are obviously new moves and weapons, and the Scorpion-esque "come over here!" element might be overused (remember Nero's arm in DMC4?), but this is definitely DMC in my eyes. What say you?

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