The UK launch of the PS3 was well-publicized, but we've been waiting to hear more about the Australian launch. The record-breaking two-day release of the PS3 in the UK appeared to be in stark contrast to the somewhat low-key Australian launch, but as it turns out, Sony is plenty happy with their performance down under.

The only total number that seems to matter to Sony is AU$25 million, which is the total hardware, software, and accessory sales for the PS3 launch weekend in Australia. IGN was able to get a few more estimates from Adrian Christie, PR Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, and he says about 5,000 systems sold on opening night and maybe 20,000 units sold over the weekend. Supposedly, these numbers are confirmed by GfK, but it's a little bizarre that Sony hasn't confirmed them yet.

The numbers may seem low, especially in comparison to the massive UK launch, but recent system launches in Australia haven't fared that much better. The Xbox 360 launch saw a little over 30,000 consoles sold in the same time frame, with a combined hardware, software, and accessory total of about AU$27 million, a mere AU$2 million more than the recent PS3 launch total.

One last bit of good news is the software sales charts for the week: the PS3 dominates, as PS3 titles claimed the top four spots, and seven of the top eight. Resistance: Fall of Man easily nailed down the top spot, followed by MotorStorm , Formula One: Championship Edition , and Call of Duty 3 . For now, this should satisfy Sony, and while not quite as big as they may have wanted, it certainly isn't as abysmal as the naysayers claimed.

Therefore, all in all, it seems the PS3 has enjoyed a very successful PAL launch, keyed by that huge record-breaking performance in the UK, 600,000 total unit sales in Europe, and helped along by satisfactory sales in Australia.

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