Update: Just so ya know, action fans, February 3 is the European date; NeverDead will release a few days earlier in North America on January 31.

Original Story:

Ever play a game where you can roll around as a head? Your own head? And then rebuild your body as you continue to avoid and destroy enemies?

Bet not. But you'll get your chance next year. It has been revealed that Konami's NeverDead will launch on February 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Get ready for madness, chaos, and a touch of genuinely amusing cheesiness.

Bryce Boltzman is out for revenge after being cursed for all eternity and he'll use an "arsenal of guns and a Butterfly Blade" to destroy anything that gets in his way. Here's an informative snippet from the press release:

" As the malformed adversaries appear, the heavily-armed Bryce must protect his sidekick and work together to kill them all. However, as the monsters get larger and more vicious, the side-effect of Bryce’s immortality is revealed. For, as the player is attacked by the various miscreants, Bryce can be torn limb from limb, but can simply reattach the parts to his body. Even when all limbs have been removed, Bryce can roll around as a head, looking to reattach his lost parts. "

Check it out: