It's almost time for gamers to link up their PlayStation 3 and sleek new PlayStation Vita and do all sorts of fun things. …well, in Japan, anyway.

Sony's new portable launches in Japan on December 17, but everyone is getting a necessary PS3 update this week: it's v.4.00 and it has been detailed at the PlayStation Blog .

In addition to game patches, system software, recommended games and videos, and Sync Trophy information, the big news is that v.4.00 basically makes the PS3 a content management device for the upcoming Vita. Users will be able to copy their digital content (games, music, photos, videos) between the PS3 and Vita, back up Vita titles including save data on the PS3 hard drive, and update the handheld's system software via the PS3's network features.

So we're guaranteed that when the Vita hits the US on February 22, our PS3s will be ready to go. And really, without that connectivity, the coolness factor of Sony's portable drops a lot; it's one of the features that makes the unit so damn impressive and appealing.