Some games just seem to stick with you for a very long time. Others get lost in our memory banks for a variety of reasons.

Maybe new installments and sequels made us forget about the original, or perhaps a new sort of corporate drama glossed over the accomplishments of an innovative IP ('cough' L.A. Noire 'cough'). Whatever the reason, there are some games that, despite critical acclaim and relative popularity around the time of the title's launch, may be in danger of being forgotten.

5. Valkyria Chronicles

The critics told everyone to support it and eventually, many gamers did. Much of that support came after a Western re-release many months after the original launch, but that's okay. The only problem is that the sequel went to the PSP, thereby derailing any franchise hype the original may have started. Check around, though: there's a staunch, ardent following that will defend VC to the absolute death. We just wish more people would remember it with such fondness.

4. Flower

You know, we're willing to bet that a lot of you still have this game on your PS3, but you've forgotten it's there. For some reason, this happens. It's almost too laid back to be remembered and sadly, nobody really talks about this game anymore. But for our money, it's still the best stress reliever and virtual relaxer out there. It crosses age boundaries, lights up our minds with color and fluidity, and helps us face a new day. …no, damnit, I'm not exaggerating.

3. Assassin's Creed

Forget the debate about whether or not Ubisoft is hurting the massively popular franchise by churning out annual installments. And forget all the naysayers who say the original just wasn't very good. That's crap. While it's certainly true that follow-up entries were better, the first title laid the framework; it was an amazing foundation for the future, as impressed gamers spotted all sorts of next-gen features and elements that would blossom with time. Worthy of remembering!

2. LittleBigPlanet

The sequel expanded and improved upon the original winning formula, similar to what happened with Assassin's Creed . But what Media Molecule and LBP accomplished initially remains one of the greatest feats of the generation; there's just no denying it. With a combination of unbelievable usage of the PS3's architecture and a user-friendly community that encouraged imaginative creation and experimentation, this is an enduring winner. Innovation like this should never be forgotten.

1. L.A. Noire

It's downright tragic what happened to developer Team Bondi, all the more so because they put out one of the most important games of the generation. From the MotionScan tech that allowed us to see game actors in a whole new way to a mystery-based gameplay crossed with GTA…it was just stellar. The problem is that with all the huge AAA titles hitting store shelves this holiday season, and the aforementioned Team Bondi drama, nobody is talking about this game anymore.

In fact, if you ask people to name their favorite games of 2011, a great many will make up a list and forget L.A. Noire . Then you'll remind them and they'll go, "oh yeah, I forgot. Damn that game was great !" Indeed it was, indeed it was. Let's just hope Rockstar brings the MotionScan tech and a lot of the amazing ideas Team Bondi had to another talented team.