The rumor has been flying for a while: Sony might be working on a Super Smash Bros. -type fighter featuring popular PlayStation mascots.

Apparently, this rumor has received another boost thanks to leaked screenshots . These come from an employee's Twitter account, but the evidence has since been removed.

As for the possibility of such a title existing, Eat Sleep Play boss David Jaffe can't confirm anything, but he certainly loves the idea , and hopes it becomes a reality:

"4 folks asking if I know anything about this rumored Sony brawler:news to me but if it is real, count me super jazzed! Been wanting a game like that for a while! I can tell you I know some of the folks over at Superbot and whatever they R making- I genuinely don't have a clue- I am sure will be very cool cause they got some great talents over there!"

Yeah, it's something a lot of ardent PlayStation fans have wanted to see. And now that we have more Sony mascots that ever, the timing could be perfect to pit Drake against Cole or Kratos against Rico. Sony has yet to announce anything official concerning this project but when and if they do, it's gonna be pretty big.