A PDF file from Sony has surfaced online that proposes to the FCC that Sony be granted a change to the specifications of a product of theirs. That product certainly sounds like the PlayStation 3, and the changes they're looking to make is to upgrade the 60GB HDD to 80GB, as well as adding a "reverse-f antenna" for the system's bluetooth module. They’re looking to make changes to the PS3's 60GB SKU and not create another PS3 SKU. This means that they will not be introducing another PlayStation 3, and that if Sony follows through with this, all $599 PS3s will carry an 80GB HDD instead of the 60GB.

As far as what the bluetooth antenna could be, I'm guessing that it's to prevent the cut-outs that occur with the SixAxis controller. Take a look at a JPEG of the actual PDF file.

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