Perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the PSP is the ability to play classic PS1 games, but you still need the PS3 to make it work. By downloading the game from the Store on the PS3, it can then be transferred to the PSP for play. And while it's a bit cumbersome – and expensive – the good news is that Sony is updating the Game Archive on a consistent basis.

The latest five titles are only available in the Japanese Store, but hey, it's still five more. The following games have been added to the list for download on the PS3 and play on the PSP, and are officially available today:

The total number of games in the Game Archive now sits at 36 (Japanese titles included, of course), so that's a pretty healthy amount. Now, all they really need to focus on is one or both of the following: update the PSP so the user can directly access the Store, thereby eliminating the need for the PS3, or at least let the PS3 user who downloads the game play it on the PS3. Either or would be cool, but both would be excellent.

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