A few days ago, we received an intriguing hint from OPM UK.

And that hint has now been confirmed : Hideo Kojima will appear on the cover of the next issue of the magazine with the tagline, "The past, present and future of Metal Gear Solid ."

It's an awesome cover and it's even better because we know he'll be talking about Metal Gear Solid 5 . Furthermore, Kojima will be teasing "Project Ogre," which he has talked about before on his Twitter page, but never offered specific details. And while this is great news for MGS fans, Kojima will also speak about his desire to kill off Solid Snake…a desire that undoubtedly springs from the master's drive to try something new.

The timing is great because the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection just recently launched, and die-hard franchise followers are poised and ready for the MGS5 announcement. Whether or not it will use the oft-discussed Fox Engine is another point that may be clarified in the magazine's feature.

Metal Gear Solid forever!