The UK numbers for the PS3 launch went global early, partly because it broke the sales record for a console launch and partly because the numbers were readily available. It took a bit longer to gather in all the sales statistics from around Europe, but by yesterday afternoon, Eurogamer had provided an early total: 600,000.

Of the one million systems shipped to the region for the launch – which is far and away more than the paltry 200,000 sent to the U.S. and the 80,000 to Japan – 600,000 have been sold so far. The number began to circulate two days ago but went unconfirmed until a representative came right out and said it to Eurogamer.

"Yes, 600,000 is the figure for Europe," the spokesperson said.

Sony sold the record 165,000 PS3 units in the UK over the launch weekend, which broke the previous record set by the Nintendo Wii last year (105,000) and easily eclipsed the 70,000 Xbox 360s sold in 2005. And obviously, Sony was able to deliver an abundance of PS3s for this launch, which certainly helped matters.

Sony's original goal, next to selling plenty of PS3s right off the bat, was to make their new console available to the average gamer. In other words, they didn't want to force a pre-order on everyone, and they didn't want to make people wait for months before seeing the PS3 on store shelves. Well, they've officially sold 60% of their initial shipment, and early indications are that the system is still selling. So we'll keep an eye on how the PS3 is faring over the Atlantic, and hope its success continues.

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