This new generation is seeing more and more games go multiplatform, and Team Fortress 2 is no exception. The popular shooter is on its way to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year, so fans will have a blast going online and…well, blasting other fans.

But Valve might be a bit intimidated by the PS3's online setup and architecture in general. Sure, they've worked with Steam in the PC realm and with Microsoft for several Xbox products, but the PS3 is an all new platform for them. According to an interview in the latest Game Informer , Valve's head of marketing, Doug Lombardi, is hoping partner EA can help 'em out a bit with the PS3 port of Team Fortress 2 .

"PS3 is brand new and PS3's online is kind of scary so we're hoping that EA is going to be a strong partner for us. It's always the scariest thing when it's not all yours. With the PC it's all ours, Steam is all ours, code's ours, game's ours. On 360 we're making it, we've made it before, we know what the Live thing is, although it's Microsoft's so we kind of know it. PS3 we're not building it, we haven't made a PS3 title before, and we don't really know what PS3 online really is. It's always the devil you don't know that you're the most scared of."

Well, EA probably knows what they're doing, being the biggest game publisher in the world and all. We're confident Valve can find their way.

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