Ninja Gaiden Sigma might not be available until June, but a special sneak peak is coming up before the end of April. According to the latest Famitsu Weekly edition, game director Yosuke Hayashi revealed that Tecmo is planning a playable demo for April 27 for Japan, and it will include an all-new chapter that actually won't be available in the final version.

Supposedly, we'll get a chance to toy around with plenty of new weapons right from the get-go in that special chapter, which makes us all salivate with anticipation. Unfortunately, we have no idea if this demo will make it to the U.S. and Europe, but there are two upsides to the situation- 1. Hayashi mentioned an online score ranking option that will let players see where they place against the best NG players "in the world." Okay, so the "world" is more than just Japan, right? 2. Even if it is only for the Japanese Store, that doesn't necessarily mean it's out of reach for U.S. or European gamers…how do you think we got to conduct a hands-on with the Hot Shots Golf 5 demo…?

But in all honesty, we do believe the demo will eventually be confirmed for all regions, so get ready to experience the hectic ninja-style action once again!

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