If true, more developers should follow suit, especially when working on a controversial project from the point of view of long-time fans.

According to a post in the NeoGAF forums , Ninja Theory is sending out special invitations to "top DMC players." Supposedly, the following invite has been received via e-mail by some UK gamers:


I’m part of the team currently developing the new Devil May Cry title at Ninja Theory and I wanted to get in touch to see if you’d like to come in and play the game. Essentially I’m inviting in a very select few really top end DMC players to come and play through a section of the game and talk to some of our team about your experience.

We’ll pay for travel to and from the studio and will also provide lunch.

Let me know if this sounds of interest and I can give you some more details."

We've never heard of such a thing before. Typically, designers only allow journalists and other members of the media to see a game early. Still, it's a great idea, although we wonder how they qualify "top end DMC players." I'm confused as to how they know who has played what…the first three titles in the series were on the PS2, and I just don't see how anybody – Ninja Theory or Capcom – could know who played them.

There's something about the wording of that message that seems strange, too. But I hope it's true, 'cuz it proves Ninja Theory doesn't want to disappoint the hardcore followers.

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