All video games require artists. Some require artists with a distinctly twisted flair.

For example, take DMC , the Devil May Cry reboot currently in development at Ninja Theory. This is one franchise that has thrived on beautiful, highly imaginative art design and concepts, and as you can see at the Capcom-Unity Blog , Dante's new adventure will boast freaky awesomeness.

Some have said the in-game graphics have "an oil painting-like quality with its vibrant, constrastive color scheme, extremely high level of detail, and wispy cloth textures." Therefore, Capcom wanted to give you another look at the the game's concept art; they have "more creepiness" and "a little less fantasy." We shouldn't underestimate the need for fantastically talented artists for games like DMC ; if we're not intimidated by our foes, what do we care ?

Personally, I love being freaked out by nightmarish enemies and bosses. It only gives you that much more incentive to conquer…

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