Back in August, we got our first look at what would become the new PlayStation Home.

Now, the full redesign is less than a day away. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has announced that the redesign of their virtual social and gaming interaction service will launch throughout the US and Canada on November 3.

As some of you know, this overhaul will give Home a new central hub, surrounded by a variety of new districts based on game genres. This will also come with several free-to-play titles, including Bootleggers '29 (an FPS in the Action District that pits cops vs. criminals in the Prohibition era), PlayStation Home Hold 'Em (pretty much what it sounds like), PlayStation Home Sports Trivia (in Sportswalk, duh), RC Rally (build, customize and race your own remote-controlled car!), and Cogs (a 3D version of Lazy 8 Studios' award-winning Steampunk puzzle game). Said Jack Buser, SCEA director of PlayStation Home:

"This is a major milestone for PlayStation Network, and we are thrilled to bring a new core experience to PlayStation Home where games are front and center. Home’s community is made up of some of the most passionate gamers on PS3, and we’ve listened to their feedback since Home launched in 2008, finally transforming Home itself into a game. This redesign marks a new beginning for PlayStation Home, and players can expect much more to come."