Now that that Xbox 360 has hit stores at $399, speculation is rampant as to
what the PlayStation 3's price point will be. just posted an article in which they quote various developers
and analysts who say the system may debut at a whopping $500.

The biggest reason for the high price tag is the inclusion of a Blu-Ray
drive, which currently runs $1,800 for a standalone player. Certainly getting a
Blu-Ray player for $500 looks to be a good deal, but nobody is sure what the
market for HD-DVD is going to be, so Sony might be forcing technology on people
that don't really want it. There's also no guarantee that Sony's proprietary
format will become the HD standard either.

Sony's official statement on the whole pricing matter is "We haven't made an
official announcement about pricing yet. At this point, that's all speculation."

Lest you think people are in agreement on the $500 tag, the prices thrown out
there by developers ranged from $399 to $700. Keep in mind that none of these
types of articles came anywhere close to predicting the actual cost of the PSP
before it came out, so it's all just speculation until Sony makes an official

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