EA has gone on record saying they want to have their name on one of every three video games produced in this new generation, but their ambition doesn't end there. The world's biggest game publisher has leaped into the warm waters of the music industry, announcing the emergence of their Artwerk music label.

According to GameSpot, the freshly formed Artwerk is a joint venture with Nettwerk One Music – a Canadian label – and is reportedly a "full-service music company." EA is familiar with their partner in this endeavor; they had an existing partnership with Nettwerk One Music thanks to the 2005 launch of EA Recordings.

The new label's home is Los Angeles, and its goal is simple- help music artists publish and distribute their work, in both a retail and digital capacity. Electronic artist Junkie XL has the distinction of being the first to sign with Artwerk, which makes sense, considering he has contributed music to several EA productions in the past ( Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon ).

If you're interested in submitting to Artwerk, check out EA's website . Is there any stopping EA now? Erm…probably not.

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