Yeah, we're not the biggest fans of announcements for announcements; i.e., "we have something to tell you but we can't tell you yet."

Typically, we just wait to see the announcement because more often than not, it isn't half as exciting as the build-up. But when the rumor involves a new title for the PlayStation 3, we get intrigued…

It seems Paul Gale Network is ready to unveil the mystery game later today; 4 p.m. PST, to be specific. The site has tossed up three picture hints, but while they all might carry a movie theme (isn't that Bond?), we really have no ideas. Do you?

We knew about Twisted Metal for about a year and a half, and we also know about one other game that hasn't been mentioned. However, this probably isn't it; the game we're aware of is still a ways off. Whatever this is, though, we're hoping it'll be something special for the PS3 library. So, let the guessing game begin!

P.S. Everyone is assuming this is an exclusive project for the PS3, but I don't see "exclusive" anywhere in the tease; it's just the way the article is worded, I suppose.