Tekken fans have been clamoring for any information and details concerning Tekken 6 , but for the most part, Namco Bandai hasn't been all that forthcoming. We know it'll probably arrive as a PS3 exclusive, but we have no idea when. However, thanks to 1Up and an intriguing tidbit from the Mainichi Daily News , we've learned that the arcade version will be powered by PS3 technology.

Of course, they won't provide us with a release date for the arcade Tekken 6 , either, but then again, news is news. And besides, with all the recent insanity surrounding the loss of exclusives in the new generation, this report indicates that the most popular fighting franchise should remain exclusive to the PS3. Perhaps we can start looking for Tekken 6 in arcades before the end of the year…? Who knows? But regardless of when and how it arrives, the game is guaranteed to turn some heads.

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