I wasn't much of an arcade gamer, but if there was one coin-op game my friends and I just had to play, it was House of the Dead .

Of course, we didn't have the benefit of 3D or PlayStation Move in the comfort of our own homes. Now, we do:

Today, PlayStation 3 owners can welcome House of the Dead: OVERKILL ; it's an exclusive Extended Cut featuring fresh content like new levels, weapons, mutants, and more. You can use the Sharpshooter accessory for Move, and if you've got a 3D HDTV, you can really dive into the undead slaying action.

You gotta love the "signature horror b-movie style," now remastered in gory high-definition, and with two new exclusive levels (in addition to the original seven), the fun lasts even longer. Numerous game modes and the chance to play with your friends cements the experience and personally, I like the contrast when compared to other games out there. Nah, it isn't Battlefield 3 , but that's part of the old-school appeal.

Review coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out the game's official site .

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10 years ago

sadly im broke right now…but i shall be getting this friday…then uncharted 3 on tuesday lol

10 years ago

im really looking forward to this, i really enjoyed the wii version so it should be good.
i was shocked to see segas appeal approved, normally when games get banned thats it they very rarely get unbanned.
how GOW3 is suitable for 15 year olds, but L4D2 is not i still will never understand………