Certain game types are simply destined to run their course and disappear over the course of time. Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on which camp you're in – the light-gun games have all but disappeared over the past few years. Even so, some titles stubbornly remain, such as the Time Crisis games, which enjoyed two mildly successful releases on the PS2. And now, thanks to a recent EB Games listing , it appears Namco Bandai will be continuing the franchise on the PS3.

These listings pop up every now and again, and while the release dates usually don't mean anything – EB just slaps an estimated date on far-off games so consumers can pre-order it – the listing is often correct. Namco Bandai hasn't announced Time Crisis 4 , but if it's true, one question remains- we know there are light-gun fans out there, but is $89.99 a reasonable price for the game and Guncon? And will PS3 owners consider it a "last-gen" concept and pass it by, thereby leaving only a small niche audience?

Well, either way, it's an interesting developing story. If you look at the obvious positive, imagine what a Guncon title might look like on the PS3…it could be very cool.

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