According to the semi-official Sony blog, ThreeSpeech , Sony is preparing plenty of downloadable content for several high-profile titles. Some of it, like the content scheduled for Resistance: Fall of Man , you already know about, but most of this is new.

The following sets of extra Store content will become available in April and May:

Ridge Racer 7 : It'll soon be time to spruce up your car, as the upcoming set will include 14 decal packs that will arrive – hopefully on a consistent basis – through the next two months. In addition, we should see many special downloadable race events to enhance the gameplay; from elite Duels to Quad battles, there will be plenty to choose from. In all, they're preparing 25 total special event packs for Ridge Racer 7 , so fans should be grinning ear to ear right about now.

Resistance: Fall of Man : We already received the first extras: two new gameplay modes for online multiplayer, and we also know about the upcoming maps scheduled for next month. But now we know the name of those maps- Westmorland and Camborn. Both are expansive, spectacular outdoor arenas of death, so make sure to check these out.

Genji: Days of the Blade : A variety of different battle costumes are on the way, and they'll be available in all kinds of intricate detail. Each of the four playable characters will get an optional dress style, so if you want some new armor for your warrior, this set of extras is just for you.

MotorStorm : While everything is, of course, downloadable from the PlayStation Store, the first new feature for this racer will arrive automatically. When it becomes available, all you have to do is go online, and you'll receive the Time Trial Mode immediately. You'll be racing against yourself in the new mode, and when you've finally turned that perfect lap, you'll be able to submit your super-fast time to the online rankings. Oh, and more tracks, vehicles, and game modes are also scheduled for…well, right around the corner, it appears.

Okay, so if you haven't created a Store account on your PS3 just yet, there are plenty of reasons right here for you to do so.

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