It's one of the weirdest situations I've experienced in my 27+ years of gaming.

I'm a long-time RPG fan. I've got 40 PS1 games and 30 of them are RPGs; I played/completed at least 10 more that I don't have anymore. I've got another 20 on the PS2. And that's not counting the SNES and PC. I've been a fan of the genre for almost two decades and whenever a new one comes along, I at least try it. I may not end up falling in love with it, but I still experience an irresistible draw to any new role-playing game that lands on store shelves.

I'm also a fan of open-world sandbox adventures. I love inFamous , Grand Theft Auto , and Assassin's Creed . Now, taking all this into account, by all rights, I should adore The Elder Scrolls . I knew that when Morrowind came out for the Xbox; many got the system for Halo , but I got it for The Elder Scrolls III . And I tried. I tried for ten hours. For some reason, I just wasn't getting it; I couldn't get immersed in the gameplay or storyline, and I didn't know why. A while later, the exact same thing happened with Oblivion .

I have no logical explanation for why I don't adore this franchise. Given my personal tastes (combined with the fact that I gravitate towards fantasy over sci-fi), I should be one of the first in line to grab Skyrim on November 11. Or in this case, I'll probably have it a little earlier to review, so I should be diving in gleefully the instant I rip open the FedEx package. But I've been fooled before, and I get the feeling that Skyrim won't be much different. Am I wrong? Tell me why I should play this game. Tell me what I'm missing. The fans must have some advice.

I just feel like I'm being deprived and I can't understand why . I have to be missing something.

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