We were probably the first to point towards potentially low Resistance 3 sales .

Then, come to find out, the highly anticipated game sold 180,000 copies in its first month of availability. It also managed to crack into the top 10 for September software sales , which isn't necessarily terrible.

That being said, with Resistance 2 selling double the number of units during its first month, one has to assume the numbers are disappointing. But Insomniac community manager James Stevenson has briefly responded to the sales total: first he says comparing their game to Dead Island , which shipped around 2 million copies, "isn't really an Apples to Apples comparison." Then when they asked about the "bad news" concerning the R3 sales, Stevenson simply replied- "What bad news?"

He also cited the #7 slot R3 occupied during September in the US, but we have to wonder…is 180,000 really what they expected? Even if it's not terrible, it has to be lower than anticipated, right? Well, maybe with some decent critical acclaim, the game will see more sales during the holiday buying season.

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