Production values. It's what Square Enix does best when it comes to Final Fantasy .

But we always want to see more in the way of gameplay because after all, that's what's most important. This 7+ minute trailer for FFXIII-2, which debuted this past week at New York Comic-Con, shows us more than we've ever seen before. There's a bevy of cut-scenes (some of which we've enjoyed before) along with new gameplay that gives us an idea of various character abilities. It's pretty and very difficult to ignore.

Now, it may not be an RPG. It certainly doesn't look like one; it has even more action elements than its predecessor. There are more role-playing elements from what we hear, so that's good, but I think we know what to expect. Personally, I'm hoping for a great game that doesn't necessarily feel anything like "Final Fantasy." And I can live with that.

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