Euro gamers may have had to wait a lot longer for the PS3, but in addition to a better launch lineup, they also get one other little bonus: an updated version of Gran Turismo HD Concept , which is dubbed simply, Version 2.0. This latest version actually suppports force feedback for racing wheels!

Of course, Sony still isn't in love with force feedback, and despite settling with Immersion, no first-party rumble accessories have been announced just yet. Therefore, we'll assume third-party steering wheels with force feedback will work with Version 2.0, which is probably a darn good idea. The Gran Turismo titles are made for the hardcore racing fans, and they're the ones who would likely want to experience the game with a steering wheel. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that this new version – and hopefully, the final Gran Turismo 5 – will support "rumblin'" wheels.

Right now, Version 2.0 is a European-only release, but hopefully, the U.S. will also get a shot at this update. We don't know if 2.0 offers any other upgrades, enhancements, or additions, but that info will soon come to light.

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