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Yes, God Of War Ragnarok Is Heading To PC

The 2018 God of War was revived in 2022 as something of a test for Sony, releasing its high-profile exclusives to PC, and as expected, God of War Ragnarok is following that trend. It will come complete with unlocked frames and its Digital Deluxe Edition will come bundled with the Valhalla DLC and its New Game+, this sounds like it’s gonna be ,

During the May 30 State of Play, it was unveiled that the long-rumored God of War Ragnarok PC version was indeed in the works. Earmarked for a September 19 release date, PC players can pre-purchase the game, though, be aware that much like the initial plan of Helldivers 2 and the current plan of Ghost of Tsushima, a PSN account is required to play the game, even if it is just a single player experience.

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