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Web PlayStation Store Adds Sorting And Filtering Function

Sony’s strong suit isn’t in its PlayStation Store design. After its redesign of the Store, fans were not amused. So much so, some would use a hyperlink to reach the old design, which in and of itself, wasn’t good either. But, hey, it had a lot of features simply not there in new design.

It seems like Sony is trying to mend that as they’ve just added a sorting and filtering option. This means you can sort games by a game’s name, popularity, or price and sort them by genre, type, and such.

This was in its old design, but omitted from the new design for one reason or another. Hopefully, we’ll see more additions to make its web version of the PlayStation Store more useable, but we’d refrain from holding your breath.

What do you think? Is the addition of sorting and filtering a step up? Tell us below!

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