Sometimes, we all need a little incentive. And what better incentive is there than extra money? Gift cards rule.

The PlayStation Vita will launch on February 22 in North America, and you can pre-order now from multiple retailers. But if you put your deposit down at Target, you get a little something extra…

According to , if you pre-purchase the Vita online at, you'll receive a $20 gift card. You can pre-order the First Edition Bundle that launches on February 15 for the price of $349.99 (the 3G Vita, Little Deviants , 4G memory card and a carrying case), or either the Wi-Fi-only model or 3G model separately when the system officially launches a week later on the 22nd ($249.99 and $299.99 respectively).

But remember, this $20 gift card offer is only available online at through December 31. So if you want to take advantage, we suggest being proactive and getting this done.

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10 years ago

Am I the only one that wants a Wi-fi bundle? How come no one is releasing any yet. Do I have to wait till next Christmas to see one?

10 years ago

eh, they would have to do a hell of allot more then a 20 dollar gift voucher to get me to buy it from them!
last game i bought from them was actually launch day of the ps3, bought resistance off them.
1st mistake they dont keep the disks in cases, but in the manual so they easily get scratched.
then i got mine home and noticed it was scratched, took it stright back and they refused a refund saying i had deliberatly done it myself.
yea i went for a 2 hour drive, stood in line for 4 hours bought my ps3 and the game, then took another 2 hour drive home, just so i could take another 2 hour drive back so i could get my money back.
pathetic, i had to ring consumer affairs and waited 6 weeks till they finally got me my money back.
target could not even give me a free vita, knowing them id take it back for warranty and they would refuse it.

10 years ago

Not worth it if you order from Amazon and don't have to pay sales tax at the time of purchase. Yeah, if you take the Target standard shipping and wait up to a week to get it you'll save a couple bucks but if you want it next day you're going to end up spending more, even with the gift card for what Amazon is offering for 99 cents in release date delivery and your Target order will still probably come a day later since I'm sure they won't ship until the release date.

Hopefully with the new year we'll start seeing more pre-order incentives.

On another note, a number of Vita news links are broken, missing the "Vita-" part before "news" in the links.

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