Another classic role-playing game is coming to the PlayStation Network.

Capcom has announced that Breath of Fire III will be re-released as a downloadable classic on the PlayStation Store; it'll be available as a PSP title, which means it can also be played on PS Vita and PS TV.

The price will be $9.99 and it should arrive some time in February. We don't know anything more than that, as the publisher said they'd "have a bit more information when the game launches." The Breath of Fire series was a long-running IP that many JRPG fans really enjoyed, though I admit I never finished one. I completed just about every JRPG I played in the original PlayStation era but there were two that just didn't grab me: BoFIII and Grandia . I think I put a good 20-30 hours into both but I couldn't get really invested, for some reason.

Maybe I'll try again when this classic arrives. Did you play it back in the day? If not, here are a couple gameplay vids:

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7 years ago

I thought BOF 3 was already on PSN for ps3.

7 years ago

NM. It was BOF 4. 🙂