Interaction with the PlayStation 3 has got to be one of the primary selling points of the PlayStation Vita.

You can transfer or back up your valuable content on the Vita simply hooking up to the PS3 console (or you can use a PC, too). If you want to see how it works, check out the screenshot gallery at Joystiq .

You handle the transfer process from the Vita, which has its own Content Manager Assistant application. You can move photos, save files, videos, music, etc., and all in all, it's definitely a cool feature. Transferring PS1 classics and other stuff you nabbed on the PSN should make for a better on-the-go experience; after all, it's kinda like having the PS3 in the palm of your hand. Then there's the functionality that will allow certain games to be played on the PS3 and then, after making the save transfer, you can keep playing on the Vita.

I suppose the price is still an obstacle for many, but with phones costing what they do (even with a free upgrade), and given what Sony's new portable is capable of, I'm not sure the price tag is too far out of whack.

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9 years ago

Yep. I absolutely love the idea of being able to play my PS3 games on-the-go. I'll be interested to see how they implement that.

Still a day 1 purchase for me!

9 years ago

Happy Holidays PSXE,

I am pretty stoked for the Vita, it appears to have a pretty solid launch line-up from what I've read about. Oddworld, Wipeout, and LBP should be fun. The Vita itself has a much bigger OLED screen than I anticipated. It really does look like the definitive handheld I patiently have held out for. Anyone in the community import one?

9 years ago

I don't think price is an issue here when millions are splashing out their money for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.
And those things are more expensive than the VITA.

9 years ago

The only price issue I'm hearing from a lot of people is the proprietary memory cards, which is a pretty big deal if you're gonna use the Vita for transferring files and backing up data.

9 years ago

how are they more expensive?
iphone 4S 32GB is 600 bucks.
3G vita + 16GB card here is going to be well, they have not announced the price of the cards but in JP ATM there 150!
so thats 450 plus 150 thats 600 same price as the iphone 4S.
AND its a phone!
AND it has WAY better battery life!
i cant get my vita to last 2 freaking hours!
i fully charged it yesterday, played 2 hours of uncharted and it went flat on me.
my 4S can play infinity blade 2 for 4 hours without going flat.
let alone stand by time, my phone lasts around 5 days on stand by.
vita i fully charged it this at 12 , its now 10 PM and its flat.
cant even last 10 freaking hours on stand by!
im sorry, but the vita is WAY overpriced!
no freaking way in hell is a hand held worth 50 bucks less then a 320GB ps3 with 4 games 2 DS3s a bluray remote and HDMI cable!
not to mention the cards, i bought a 32GB sandisk card from MSY for 50 bucks last week!
its a brilliant device, but the battery life sucks and its far too overpriced!
not to mention the games are set to launch at 80 dollars here.
im sorry, but ill be drinking frozen piss 20 years before i pay 80 bucks for a portable game!
this is EXACTLY why $ony is in last place this gen!
they treat their fans like disposable cash machines!

9 years ago

Um, Mr no name, perhaps you overlooked something?

Vita is Quad coire, Quad GPU, that iFawn, is not. Vita has touch panels and analog sticks and these things that gamers like to use, called buttons. iFawn does not. Oh, wait, one is a gaming device and the other is an overpriced pile of phone technology wrapped up in a keyboardless PDA.

9 years ago

so what!?
and its apple, apple devices are always overpriced as it is!
look at the new laptop i got, if i was to get the same specs as that in a mac id be spending 1K more at least!

im sorry, the day i pay 50 bucks less then i do for a 320GB ps3, 4 games of your choice, a monster HDMI cable, 2 controllers, play TV and a bluray remote, for a hand held, no matter what it has, is the day hell freezes over!
and the day i pay 80 bucks, 20 less for console games is the day satan marries jesus and we have short cakes down by the fire!
and sponge bob is the priest.

9 years ago

i really hope $ony pushes this.
especially that ninty is putting such a emphasis on it, they really need to take advantage of that and say hey, well, weve been doing that for years!
take a little wind out of their sail…….
i doubt they will though.
thats the biggest problem with $ony, they come out with a million and one features and leave it up to the developers to use them.
like when trophies came out, barely any games had them because it was not mandatory.
if you go up to a developer and say hey you can do this, but you dont have to then of course hes not going to!
they already have enough on there plate, unless theres incentives of course there not going to do it!
thats the biggest problem with $ony, they push out all these awesome features but dont enforce them so they never get used.
they really need to say ok if you release your game on ps3 and vita then its mandatory to have some kind of cross compatibility.
if they dont do that, then .1% of all vita games will use it!
look at in game music, how many games support that?
i loved playing KZ2s MP and listening to my own music, but so few games support that these days.
because $ony does not enforce it!
whats the point of having a feature if your not going to enforce it?
as ive been saying for years, talk is cheap, theres no point having something unless its going to be used!
to have the ability to do something is pointless unless you do it!
i think there just worried there going to put developers off and make them say oh we dont want to do that so we wont make the game on your platform.
but they wont, there not going to turn away millions of sales for something so small and simple!

9 years ago

i think the price tag is good,
but knowing me, ill wait for the redesign so they can iron out the kinks and get some greater titles out, n by then uncharted and the launch stuff will be even cheaper. (learned my lesson about early adoption with the PS3)
i mean im not a portable gamer at all, but i will be travelling a lot for my job so this is a great way to pass time on the plane.

9 years ago

I can't wait for the Vita, I want it day 1 since it comes out after my birthday but i think i'll wait not cause of the price or anything but with christmas and all i'm a little poor.