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Vita Celebrates Third Anniversary With Big Game Sale

Well, believe it or not, the PlayStation Vita is three years old.

To celebrate, Sony has kicked off a big birthday sale , which includes discounted games and other goodies.

Games you can get for less after the PlayStation Store update this week: Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified ($10.00), Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles ($7.49), Jak and Daxter Collection ($8.10), Metrico ($4.20), Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD ($4.99), Tales of Hearts R ($19.99) and Valhalla Knights 3 ($6.00). The prices listed here apply to those with PlayStation Plus memberships, by the way.

There's also a Toro and Friends Vita Theme, Fat Princess: Piece of Cake 8 Gold Coin Pack, and Destiny of Spirits . C'mon, you know you need some new Vita games to play!

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8 years ago

That's great but f*ck that's still a lot of money for portable games, both new and ancient. Those games cost too much that's the problem. Why is a SNES game 8 dollars? Why is a sort of okay Vita game (thats all any of them are) a bargain at $20 and normally sold for $40?

Somebody's thinking cap has fallen off with this leg of the business.

8 years ago

It's the KMART syndrome. Fewer amount of sales so inflated prices in an attempt to reduce losses. I was so excited for the Vita but then my 3DS loved me more.

8 years ago

pritty alright but they could go a little lower maybe but not bad, but i'm not really interested in any of these games so nvm

happy gaming

8 years ago

This is a Very, Very good chance to grab the Atelier remaster collection if anyone wants them, seeing as they never got a physical release outside of Japan(well Rorona got a limited PS3 release but I'm not counting that) and they almost never go on sale. This is actually the very first time Rorona has gone on sale since its release.
Tales of Hearts R is also a decent deal if you don't live anywhere near Gamestop which was the only outlet in the US to get the physical version.

Last edited by Shauneepeak on 2/24/2015 9:12:34 PM

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