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“Logic Puzzler” Sketchcross Coming Exclusively To Vita

Everyone needs to flex their mind every now and then.

Spiky Fish Games has announced their debut title, Sketchross . As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , it will launch exclusively for PlayStation Vita in "early 2015."

Dubbed a "logic puzzler based on the nanogram ruleset," it's akin to a mix between crosswords and sudoku. You're given number clues on the rows and columns to help fill in the corresponding squares on the grid. Once you begin, you'll start to see the picture you're trying to create. The developers will produce 50 puzzles ranging from simple 5×5 shapes to the obscenely complex 30×30. The game has been designed to be "easily expandable" so more puzzles should be in the offing after the title releases.

There's also the intriguing Frenzy mode, which means you have a set amount of time to complete a randomly generated puzzle. Man, I think I'll skip that; I like having all the time in the world in my puzzle games.

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9 years ago

sounds like a good game might like to get it for it to stimulate my brain every once in a while

happy gaming

9 years ago

A nice puzzle game is ok, but I didn't buy Vita for indies, puzzles and infernal ports.
Really, so much wasted potential with this handheld. Thank God I bought PS4.

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