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Freedom Wars Hitting North American, European Vitas

The PSP was home to a great many awesome JRPGs. How's about a new one for the Vita?

Sony has finally confirmed that Freedom Wars will release in the North American and European territories. As reported by IGN , it'll hit US store shelves on October 28 and three days later in Europe. European Vita owners will also have the option of a digital copy, which comes to the PSN on October 29.

"Participating retailers" will offer some pre-order incentives, which will be the same Japanese gamers received when the game launched in that region earlier this year. Bonuses include a Limited Edition Costume (Formal Wear), Powerful Starter Weapons (Heavey Melee and Rocket Launcher), an in-game Limited Edition Sticker Set, and a Combat Pack Item (Medical Supply Set).

If you're a die-hard JRPG fanatic and you need a new game to play on your Vita this fall, this is it.

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9 years ago

Yes, this looks really fun! The grappling ability looks like it will be very addicting. I am also anxiously looking forward to some platform goodness with Kick and Fennick! The Vita is not dead yet. Also played 4 hours of Diablo III Ros UEE on Vita Remote Play while my son watched a couple of movies and it was glorious!! Long live the Vita!

9 years ago

The games actually really fun to play, if grindy towards the end. I can't wait for the pvp to be added next month.

Solid Fantasy
Solid Fantasy
9 years ago

Sounds good in writing. Let's see what youtube gameplay videos have to say.

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